At its root, 10 at 10 is a hip-hop music showcase, where 10 artists each perform 10 minute sets, starting at 10 PM sharp. However, in the 2+ years since its inception, it has become the leading platform for building the hip-hop community in Calgary through events, promotion and philanthropy. On top of being the longest-running series of its kind in the city, it has quickly become an outlet to export hip-hop/R&B artists and producers throughout the country. Each night of the 10 at 10 showcase fosters an authentic cultural experience for the audience, while performers and artists are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and into the spotlight. This intimate environment allows for genuine feedback between emcees, singers and producers, which challenges artists to improve their skill set and perfect their craft. Networking at 10 at 10 allows each artist to expand their fan base and elevate their insight within the hip-hop world. The motto is #letsbuild, and best believe we’re STILL building.


Community, artists and tolerance. From the inside looking out Calgary has been lacking common unity, a place for artists to develop their skills and a beacon of consistency for positive hip-hop culture. That said, the now infamous and official slogan of 10 at 10, #letsBUILD, stems from our dedication to reshaping Calgary’s current hip hop scene. By connecting emcees, singers, producers, dancers, studios, engineers, managers, designers, videographers, photographers and other promoters Рwe aim to build and maintain the garden in which each of these elements can flourish.

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