About 10 at 10 Music & Culture

10 at 10 is a multidimensional platform that amplifies the arts, music and Black culture in Canada. Since 2011, it has grown from humble roots to international recognition, evolving into a substantial hub for education, urban arts, special events, creative services, promotions and community.

In just under 10 years we’ve created over 80 consecutive monthly 10 at 10 showcases, 400+ special events, featured over 900 artists, fundraised over $30,000 for charity and have exposed thousands of Canadians to the hiphop/r&b talents residing in Alberta.


There was a “hiphop showcase of beats & rhymes”. This showcase featured rappers, r&b singers, reggae artists, poets, dancers, dj’s, producers, visual artists, clothing brands, small food businesses, photographers, videoographers and arts enthusiasts desperate for something more out of their city.

A simple concept of 10 artists performing at 10:00pm for 10 minutes each.

It was founded by artists FOR artists. We wanted to develop our crafts, be recognized abroad and ultimately respected as legit artists, while having a consistent hub for hiphop culture in Calgary.

For more on the showcase story, click here.


Expansions from the showcase includes productions for: Four+ Urban Arts Festival, Redbull, One Love Music Festival, Alberta Electronic Music Festival [AEMCON], Lululemon, Marlborough Mall, DRIVEN, King Eddy, Say Word, DateNightYYC, YYC Food Trucks, The Genesis Classic, Lex Ave, Bespoke, Eden Night Club, The Rec Room, Undrcard and so much more.

Our feature Concerts have included: Cam’Ron, Pusha T, Nyemiah Supreme, iLoveMakkonen, J.I.D, Earth Gang, Mereba, Saba, King Mez, Ghostface Killah, Grandmaster Flash, Just Blaze, Tory Lanez, Roy Woods, Skratch Bastid, Junia-T, David Morin, Starro, Manu Crooks, Jazz Cartier, Blackalicious, Slum Village, Smoke Purp, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, The Dream, Cordae and so many more rising talents.


More than just rap music, hiphop culture encompasses r&b/soul, reggae, dancehall, afrobeats, jazz. More than music genres it means resilience, history, freedoms, and rights. When we say Hip Hop, we are saying diversity, otherness, and progress. For us, hip hop is the child with a dream growing up in the ghetto to become a platinum selling artist. It’s poverty that has been replaced by the highest number of educated minority women in North America. It’s working twice as hard to be just as good. Hip Hop is being unfazed by the wall because we are already breaking down history’s barriers. Hip Hop is a peaceful riot, a dream for hope, a statement of excellence. Hip hop is leaving cotton fields and walking into the white house.


We are passionate citizens, immigrants, students and professionals whose passion for hip hop meets the need for culture and collaboration.  We pride ourselves in representing several nations from around the globe. Our ever growing organization is comprised of diverse individuals with unique qualifications that all come together to help create Calgary’s Urban Arts community.

Our team environment believes in creativity, collaboration and genius. When brilliant and talented individuals come together, amazing things happen.


  • Showcase talent
  • Produce events (live sound and stage)
  • Book talent: DJs, Artists, Painters and Dancers
  • Collaborate with local and global brands
  • Paid promotions on social media
  • Media coverage
  • Graphic design, Web design and other Creative services
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Shoot Music Videos
  • Build artists

On our annual agenda, our influence pops up in local venues, charity events, classrooms, and even digitally within our own platforms.

Unique to our organization is our collaborative leadership environment that allows for multiple cultural streams to flood through our city simultaneously. However, we all unite under the mission to create a substantial cultural footmark full of dope representation, proper articulation, and the opportunity for urban voices to make an impact.


Our mission is to amplify and refine the raw talents of artists while evolving the cultural landscape. We exist so that these creatives may be amplified to find success as meaningful contributors to society, defined on their own terms.


To be the definitive voice for emerging culture and the art that surrounds it. A true launchpad and catalyst for the pursuit of a sustainable career in either the entertainment, media or music industries. Our expansive network, focused mentorship, cross-disciplinary interactions, outreach activities, premiere event space access, and performance slots for the public provide an array of opportunities to prepare artists and creatives alike for the global stage.

The team and audience may continue to change, but the purpose remains the same – to put Calgary / Alberta on the map by building infrastructure and being a launchpad for artists to grow and shine.