5 of our Favourite Black Owned Restaurants in Calgary

As Black History Month kicks into gear it’s only right to finesse an appetite for some of Calgary’s popular black-owned food and restaurants. Despite being under COVID-19 restrictions, YYC can expect bans to be lifted soon, allowing friends and family to gather in-person for good company and great eats. We may not be able to travel right now, but with a variety of delicacies spanning from a number of different Black communities, we can taste cuisine from around the world, making for a vast cultural experience. We know the options can be overwhelming, so here is a list of five eateries with tasty options to dig into this week (and to add to the monthly roster).

Krazy Jerk

Krazy Jerk satisfies cravings for Caribbean foods, with some of its bestsellers including curry goat, ackee and saltfish, oxtail, jerk chicken and barbie fry chicken. Each dish is paired with a choice of rice and peas, white rice or ground provisions, along with a side. To round up a filling meal, some sweet treats include a mango cheesecake, rum cake and sweet potato pudding. Though other starters that cannot go overlooked include patties, fried dumplings and plantains. The restaurant hosts a down-to-earth cozy family vibe with a friendly staff to complement each dining experience. Krazy jerk is also on DoorDash making it convenient to satisfy a craving for Caribbean food in the comfort of home.

1715 52 St SE, @krazy.jerk

Abyssinia Restaurant

Abyssinia Restaurant carries a platter of delicate Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines. Its menu offers an array of authentic dishes including a host of vegetarian and vegan options. Most notable for a traditional experience is injera, a flatbread made of sourdough with a spongy texture, paired as an eating utensil to grasp a number of plentiful sides. Served on a round dish, injera can be shared amongst a group, with Abyssinia a good place for the family feels. Other must-haves include doro wot’, a spicy stew chicken with boiled eggs; beg t’ibs, a spicy or mild lamb stir-fry; and k’ey sir, a mild stew with red beets, potatoes, onions and jalapeño. Located in downtown Calgary, Abyssinia Restaurant is a great central meet up for a unique experience.

910 12 Avenue SW. Social: @Abyssinia_YYC

Yenny Delights

Yenny Delights has food that is delightful to the eyes, but even more so on the tummy. This Afro Caribbean joint harvests food options that will take over and clear cravings. The atmosphere is warm, and cozy and bright all the same time. But the food is what hits the spot with a menu including jollof rice, coconut rice, jerk chicken, curry goat, catfish pepper soup and the Jamaican curry chicken roti wrap.

3131 27 St NE #81, @yennydelights1

Teff N’ Greens

Vegans and vegetarians are often lost in the mix when seeking restaurants offering a variety of foods to fit their diet. So, if you fall under this category, Teff N’ Greens exactly the place for you. Teff N’ Greens is an Ethiopian based restaurant serving a hundred percent plant-based and gluten-free options. There’s an ample amount of food choices, with the delicacies including a veggie platter, which can be filled with everything off the menu. They also offer injera rolls and steamed lentil bowls, but what’s fun is their frozen take-home items. The experience doesn’t just stop there, those seeking a delicious hearty meal can make their own bowl by choosing a base, a protein and greens outside meals already on the menu. Teff N’ Greens begin its roots serving the community at Farmers’ Market before expanding into the family-friendly community vegan spot.

12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE, @teffngreens

Flavours Restaurant

With the food found at Flavours Restaurant, the name says it all. Flavours is the emergence of flavourful authentic Nigerian cuisines. Mouth-watering selections span the menu with beef, chicken and fish options served with jollof rice, or the lamb special served with steamed rice. Another delicacy is the African signature meal traditionally eaten by hand, entailing pounded yam, cassava, salmon or wheat flour prepared into what’s commonly known as Fufu. The meal is also paired with a meat or fish option, alongside soup and other sides. The drink menu also spots beverages tying back to favourites in Africa including Palm Wine, Fanta, Vitamalt, and Maltex. The atmosphere is cozy, and staff friendly. This family run business invites communities of people to share in comradery and filling dishes worth the hype. Flavours also provide catering for large gatherings, but while the pedantic exists meals can still be delivered straight to your door through DoorDash

4129 4 St NW, @flavoursrestaurant