NBA’S Midseason Stride! 2021-22 Season

NBA’s Time To Shine

Since the beginning of this NBA season we’ve encountered numerous setbacks and event-filled stories. Including the Ben Simmons saga, Kyrie Irvings vaccination fiasco and the Lakers old generation lineup which you can read all about here. But now with the wheels of the NBA train in full motion we have already less than five months till this season is over and on to the next one.

With the NBA 2021-22 season passing the midway threshold, and the all-star game approaching next weekend, many fans are excited for what the rest of this season holds. Especially with the trade deadline now up and the playoffs not far behind, today we at 10at10 want to dive into some of the headlines circulating the NBA currently.

Memphis Grizzlies Resurgence

Having the Memphis Grizzlies be one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now wouldn’t have been anyones guess. But the emergence of Ja Morant, Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr this year have been an incredible sight. Bringing attention to their high athleticism yet passive style of play. 

With the whole team being able to play not only efficient basketball, but demonstrate high scoring plays often. The odds of being a threat in the playoffs have been slowly increasing. Even more evident now with the franchise becoming the third seed in the east.

ja morant and deanthony melton
Ja Morant (Right) and De’Anthony Melton (Left) Pictured Above. Courtesy Of USA Today

A lot of attention seems to be locked into the young core of this Memphis squad. And leading them is the talented and explosive Ja Morant, who just clinched his first all-star starting position this year. And as there win column continues to rise people can only wait with anticipation at how far this team could possibly go.

Trade Deadline’s Biggest Transactions

With the trade deadline finally over, only a few NBA teams truly took advantage and created buzz within the deadline. Having such names as Kristaps Porzingis to the Washington Wizards and Spencer Dinwiddie to the Dallas Mavericks. Creating what could be a great addition for the Wizards as their defense could do with that rim dominance that Kristaps has been known for. 

Kristaps Porzingis
Kristaps Porzingis Pictured Above (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Another trade was CJ McCollum, Larry Nance Jr and Tony Snell from the Portland Trail Blazers to the New Orleans Pelicans. In exchange for Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Josh Hart, Didi Louzada, Tomas Satoransky and several draft picks. Which has now ultimately split up Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, which had the dynamic duo spend the last seven seasons together in Portland. 

Ben simmons and James HArden
Ben Simmons (Left) James Harden (Right) Pictured Above. Courtesy Of NBA

Finally the last and most blockbuster trade of this year had James Harden go to the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond to the Brooklyn Nets. Which officially ends the Simmons Sixers drama filled saga and separates Harden from the escalating tension that’s been building in the Nets locker room. Whether Simmons debuts in the Brooklyn uniform anytime soon is still up for debate. And if we see Harden now dedicate his efforts under the leadership of Joel Embiid and the relentless 76ers. Either way the trades this season haven’t shook the NBA to its foundation, but they’re sure to make the final stretch of the season more intriguing.

All-Star Selections

The NBA All-Star Draft took place this past week. Selecting the 24 players who would be particapting in the upcoming All-Star game on Sunday February 20th in Cleveland, Ohio.Leading the draft picks were Lebron James (Los Angeles Lakers) selected as the West’s captain and Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) as the East’s captain. 

Among the West’s starters you have Lebron James, Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan and Stephen Curry. In the East the starters are Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Trae Young and Andrew Wiggins. 

All-Star Participants (From Left to Right) Chris Paul, Luka Doncic, James Harden and Jayson Tatum.


Even with all the playmakers listed above the reserves hold just as much talent with names such as Devin Booker, Zach LaVine, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Luka Doncic and many more coming off the bench. With extra special gratitude from the likes of LaMelo Ball, Dejounte Murrray and Darius Garland who all earned their first time selections for All-Star weekend.


What did you think about the trades this season? Who’s your pick for winning the All-Star game? East or West? Let us know! If you liked this article check out more sports related ones here!