My First Time

Get your mind out of the gutter! It’s a 10@10 thing!

So I have been living in Calgary for 9 years and I never really thought there was much of a hip hop scene here. I knew there were some local rappers but they didn’t catch my attention until LAST NIGHT!!! My very first complete experience at 10@10 was amazing. I was surprised at the amount of talent YYC has to offer. The vibe and energy was intriguing.

It’s cool to go to clubs and bars but I had never felt a sense of community. Everyone is rushing through the music and no one takes the time to sit back and reflect on the atmosphere around us . But at 10@10 last night, everyone was there for a purpose – to support local artists and get a taste of the hip hop scene in Calgary. I’m proud of what I experienced. Also, with the increase of concerts and hip hop based events this season in Calgary, it’s impossible to say this is city is dry or boring. Overall, I loved the performances and I loved the atmosphere. It was impressive.