Hoop N’ Grill

The infamous 10at10 annual Hoop N’ Grill is a 4 on 4 basketball tournament and cookout powered by Redbull Canada, at The Bounce in East Village. After two years of a global pandemic, the Hoop N’ Grill returns with the second installment August 27th, 2022 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. This event is free to attend and family friendly.

So, come experience the Calgary community at large come together as we resume working on the hoops side with our family at Genesis Basketball. In order to expand our selections we’ve teamed up with none other than our friends at Icarus Sound to provide the worldwide afrobeat vibes! You can also expect 10at10 to curate a day of live performances in between the games, featuring local hiphop and r&b talent.

The day will also include the official Siakam’s World Competition by Redbull for registered players to compete in. Food and drinks will be available for spectators to purchase through local vendors. You will even have the opportunity to book braiding and barber hair cuts during these hours on site! So what more can we say than, we do it for the culture!

If you’re a baller looking to sign up, please scroll down!