Local Lucky Laras Jewellery And Accessories

Focusing On Accessories

People all around the world put together outfits with creativity and boldness, allowing individuality to shine through on their own terms. And while society continues to pursue innovative and new styles to utilize, there is always one constant within the fashion industry and that is the usage of accessories. According to industry reports from Mordor Intelligence, the Global Accessories Market expects the CAGR (Compound annual growth rate)  to increase 12.3% over the next five years.  What does all this mean?

Having the emergence of smartwatches, lab-created diamonds and various craft styled jewellery, accessories have ascended into a new era. Being able to elevate clothing choices or become the main star of an outfit itself. Today we look upon a local creator and designer of accessories, who uses her originality and colourful concepts to create custom jewellery, hats, and other trinkets. All that can be styled and worn in a multitude of ways.

Lara, Owner and Creator of Lucky Lara Jewellery Pictured Above, Photo Captured By Jesse Tamayo

Lucky Lara as known by the community, prides herself in bringing a personal touch into her creations. With handcrafted accessories being her specialty. While concentrating on rings, bracelets, necklaces and hats mainly, Lara additionally aims to pursue multiple original fashion pieces. Before fully investing her time with her own accessories, the young creator stated her journey into creating her own jewellery wasn’t an unusual one.

The Development Of Lara

When discussing her origin into making her first pieces, Lara stated, “My first handmade accessory was this beaded lizard keychain. I attached it to my backpack, so I could spend more time playing at the park making my friends instead of searching through the pile of school gear by the play structure when it was time to head home. It was a hack to differentiate my things, but as time went on, I was wearing different makes every week, and it became a way of sharing my personality without having to speak. I was a super shy kid.”

During the height of the COVID pandemic is when the young creator truly started advancing her skills. Firstly dedicating her time to crafting her signature hats, with locally sourced materials and careful consideration for how her clientele wanted them to be. Continuing on to say, “Mid-pandemic I was at home with all this time, and all these craft supplies. I started making toques to make use of my stash. Friends were already trying to commission me to knit them a beanie but, picky me, I didn’t like the design enough. Eventually I came up with 4 core designs that I really admired. So I began taking orders for custom toques. It’s rare that people can say they know who made what they wear, even for their favourite things. I’m trying to make slow fashion easy.”

Lara’s Collection Of Wire + Stone Rings, Photo Courtesy Of Lucky Lara Jewellery


Fashion Going Forward

Regarding her own fashion sense and styles, Lara mentions that growth is built into the foundation of her products. Highlighting that even though a section of her skills and craftsmanship is purely self-taught, some improvements that she’s made have come as help from various individuals.

“I owe a huge thank you to Jennea Frischke my friend and mentor ; working alongside her has taken my jewellery to markets I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Also, Shah-Kemm who has been putting me on to what’s drippy. Together we have a line of genderless jewellery. Mix and match earring singles that you can wear as a pair with your partner, glass pearl necklaces for girls and guys, gemstone bracelets to share, all of that.”

Zae wearing the 10 Flowers Necklace, Bracelet & Ring, Photo Captured By @Marzildan on Instagram


Figuring out the methods to market and develop her products efficiently still acts as a stepping stone for Lara. Attempting to learn new trends of the accessory industry to incorporate into her own designs, all while keeping the signature qualities that make her jewellery her own. And during the moments when she may face hurdles whilst creating her pieces, Lara stated “The balance of working hard but not overworking yourself is hard to strike right away. I’m still figuring it out, making adjustments as I go. My advice to others starting out is to make friends as you grow, get feedback from people on topics they know about and hold yourself to your own standard. Don’t judge your whole collection of creations on the first 5 reactions you get from people. Just stay consistent with your goals but make adjustments within your methods.”

Path Of A Designer

Committing day and night to trying new colourful combinations with several different fabrics, metals and crystals takes hard work. Lara spends hours pursuing new ideas and materials to capture the eyes of any gender, race or orientation, making her creations available and wearable for everyone. And with her pieces being made for any demographic with extreme levels of care and passion, it makes each hat, item of jewellery or accessory she crafts dynamic, intriguing and one of a kind.

In regard to where her future may take her, Lara explains that “As a teen I had always wanted to have my own shop, and after years of retail work, I’m surprised the shiny finish hasn’t worn off for me. There’s something alluring about the opportunity to watch as strangers become captivated by my makes without me there to egg it on. Maybe that can happen through the interwebs, but for now and for the summer I’ll be out connecting with people and sharing my jewellery as I journey. In half a decade, I’ll likely be doing what I love, and I’ll probably be better at it.”

Sam wearing a Forest Green “Thicc” Brim Shorty Toque, Photo Captured By Samuel Egwu Ali

Check out some of Lucky Lara’s pop-up markets and social media accounts through this link here! https://linktr.ee/luckylara and if you liked this article, check out some more fashion articles on the website here! https://10at10.ca/category/fashion/