Rye Dylan Reworks Delivers Custom Clothing

The Start-Up

When you think about the latest fashion trends, individuals tend to gravitate towards high-valued brands (Supreme, YEEZY, New Balance) while sometimes overlooking the miniscule creators that disappear through the seams.

And when it comes to building your own clothing brand, it can be a daunting and constantly evolving task as you aim to captivate audiences with personal flair and creative, engaging styles. Today, we highlight a local Calgarian fashion designer taking his own steps to create pieces that intrigue not only himself but challenge the tropes of fashion in modern society.

Rye working on Clothing, Photo Courtesy Of Rye Dylan Reworks

Rye Dylan is the creator, designer, marketer and ultimate mastermind of “Rye Dylan Reworks“. A custom fashion brand, creating articles of clothing made from used towels, older garments and even thrifted blankets. Using his knowledge of a sewing machine and vintage pieces, Rye focuses his creativity to soar into his ideas, utilizing pop-culture and nostalgic themes to truly represent his brand. The young designer explains in further detail on his brand stating, “Rye Dylan Reworks strives to supply sustainable, long-lasting garments that reflect the individuality of each customer.”

Pursuit Of Originality

Working with vintage clothing can provide a handful of inspiration and influence of the style you may be already trying to create, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Rye carefully considers each piece down to each thread, spending time analyzing how he can incorporate the used fabric in unique ways.

When asked about the development of his clothing and his creative process, Rye said “I have collected quite a few items that I use on a regular basis to help create professional quality homemade garments such as my sewing machine, serger as well as a set of sewing scissors, eyelet press, button press, de-stitcher are some of what I mainly use. I do hand stitch some things as well. I’m completely self-taught except for a few YouTube tutorials, I also exchange techniques and ideas with a few of my friends from the states who also make clothing.”

Mod Sun wearing a Rye Dylan Hoodie, Photo by @forgetbrennen

Going into the fashion industry can be perceived as an overwhelming journey for some individuals. For Rye, his career started back in late 2021 when he had a sudden life change occur. He went on to further share that “I had actually lost my job managing a landscaping company last year right before Christmas. I decided I would give it until the end of January to see if I could make as much money as I was at my old job with my clothing. I woke up early every day, worked on clothing all day and night. By the end of January I had surpassed the goal I had set for myself, and I’ve never been happier.”

A 1of1 Reworked Deer Tapestry x Camouflage Hoodie, Photo Courtesy Of Rye Dylan Reworks

Influence And Future

Regarding the inspiration for his designs and creations, Rye delivers his takes of fashion from his own surroundings. Whether that be from life, his friends or more specifically media. Exploring new ideas sits at the foundation of Rye Dylan Reworks, with Rye emphasizing “I’ve been trying to one up myself and create something new with each piece. Since starting, I’ve shipped clothing all around the world and made clothes for the everyday person to famous musicians such as Mod Sun & Avril Lavigne and even Atlanta Hawks NBA player Onyeka Okongwu. I still continue to learn through making garments for myself, friends, family and customers.”

A Customer wearing their new DBZ patchwork shorts, Photo Courtesy Of Rye Dylan

With countless hours dedicated to crafting innovative styles of clothing, Rye continues to pursue fresh ideas and originality throughout his fashion line. Even whilst leading into a future where demand increases for his products, the Calgarian designer hopes to keep his work fluid and efficient yet always have a personal touch.

On deciding how to handle moving forward while evolving, Rye explained that “I definitely want to expand my reach globally as much as possible, but I wouldn’t want my work to be available in any sort of fast fashion sense. I will always come up with my own designs, source the materials, cut and sew it all together, take the photos to post, promote it, package and ship it out by myself. So my goal is to build my own studio/store in the near future to be able to create and distribute as much quality clothing as possible.”

Head to https://ryedylanreworks.com/ to check out their variety of custom clothing. And if you liked this article, check out some more fashion articles on the website here! https://10at10.ca/category/fashion/