Top 5 Hottest Women’s Shoes of 2021

With  Sneaker Swap Expo’s and a growing sneakerhead community, it’s safe to say that Calgarians participate in sneaker culture. This subculture has attracted people in the basketball, skateboarding and hip-hop world to express themselves through the medium. Women are no strangers to this lifestyle. Many participate in culture and make their own personal sub-cultures with prints, shades and colours. 10 at 10 is here to tell you of the hottest sneakers to wear in YYC for the summer of 2021. 


Converses is said to be Michael Jordan’s first choice of shoes because he can feel the court floor in them. Though now they’re also known for being excellent skateboarding shoes. Their various signature looks and feel make them culture icons today. Whether clean or dirty, they’re an iconic fashion statement that everybody should have in their wardrobe.

Adidas Ultra Boost Beyoncé Ivy Park

Beyoncé and Adidas changed the game by collaborating with each other to bring various Ivy Park collections. Although Beyoncé has different shoes under her line, her Ultra Boost stands out because of her Hi-Res Yellow and Maroon coloured editions.

Air Force 1 Lows

Air Force Ones have become YYC classics. They are a part of Calgary’s ethos since they flood the city. But please! Clean your forces! Basic white ones shouldn’t be looking like all their life they had to fight. Basic black ones, clean or dusty, are up for debate because of their notorious reputation. Spring for forces that have vibrant colours and designs that push past the mundane.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

No matter how one feels about Kanye, they can’t take away his creative genius. He showed the world his talents again when he teamed up with Adidas to bring Yeezy his shoe line. He gave the world Yeezy Boost 350 V2, one of the most iconic sneakers of this era from this shoe line. Its knitted interior also makes for great comfortability. 10 at 10 recommends the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Reds. They are one of the original colour schemes for the 2016 collection, and the shoe being wrapped in all black makes the SPLY 350 written in red pop.

Jordan 1s

These are the shoes that started it all for the Jordan brand. According to the Netflix documentary The Last Dance Jordan’s mom made him select Nike. Due to Jordan’s pick, the brand was pushed to sneaker royalty, and should be a part of everyone’s shoe collection. The classic version of these shoes has been given many designs so one has many options to choose from. 10 at 10 recommends Jordan 1s with vibrant colours or the original bred (black and red colourway).