C-Tribe Festival: Edmonton’s Creative Collision

Celebrating Diversity And Culture

This year in Edmonton, Canada, running from July 20th-24th, the C-Tribe Festival curates a gathering of creativity, culture and innovation.

Headlining Performer FRVR Friday For C-Tribe Music Festival

Since 2017, C-Tribe has operated under a certain ideal at its core. Celebrating diversity and aiming to help innovative and creative individuals pursue and achieve their dreams. Specializing in more than just music, C-Tribe showcases an event filled with technology, fashion, gaming and culture. Amassing a wide variety of topics to truly display themselves as an inclusive, fun and unique experience allowing people of all ideals and backgrounds to come together.

One of the primary events during the C-Tribe Festival is the MusicVerse competition, occuring in the last two days of the festival. Designed for solo artists, bands or singers from Canada that are looking to demonstrate their talents to the C-Tribe network. The winner that is selected has the opportunity to win up to $1,000 in prizes and a custom NFT. And a potential introduction to mentors and members of the music industry.

C-Tribe Festival Breakdown

During the five-day festival, events are split into five separate categories. First is technology, highlighting technology-focused programming and inspiring talks to help underestimated founders learn how to start, grow and scale their companies. Inviting tech enthusiasts into incredible networking opportunities and tech career development. Second is culture, an immersive and interactive gathering that includes cultural activations, food tours, a marketplace, art installations, and a one-of-a-kind experience. Celebrating diversity and identity through several forms of art, with presentations of entertainment and appreciation.

C-Tribe Festivals in 2022


Third is gaming, which showcases gaming culture in a unique atmosphere of exploration. Displaying engaging exhibits and insightful keynotes into the future and development of gaming itself. Fourth is fashion, an immersive and interactive gathering that includes fashion shows, a local market, moderated panel discussions, art installations, and a one-of-a-kind cultural gathering. With each fashion show delivering several outlooks of creative, unique and ethnic creations of clothing.

Lastly, their final category is music, hosting live performances and insightful conversations during the tenure. Demonstrating an immersive and interactive gathering that aims to ultimately empower the next generation of emerging musicians. Whether that be through discussions of music career development, gaining knowledge into industry trends or focusing on networking opportunities, the festival aspires to not only support artists but help continue their growth.

C-Tribe Festival 2022

Further expanding on their events, C-Tribe welcomes a blend of virtual and in-house gatherings. Allowing individuals outside of Edmonton, Alberta to enjoy the collections of culture and experiences as well. One of their biggest nights is July 23rd, which has a handful of Canada’s most vibrant artists appear to deliver a night of Hip-Hop, R&B, and more.

Artists Performing During C-Tribe Festival 2022


With each festival constructing a day of engaging activities and the night time bringing unique stages, C-Tribe has it all. Planning to consistently ignite positive change and unity through thoughtful and immersive experiences. If you would like to learn more about C-Tribe and check out their festivals, head to https://ctribefestival.com/ and acquire your tickets today.