Black Curation: Online Series

Black Curation Series 2021

In recent months the conversation around inclusivity and diversity within art sectors has been a buzzing topic in Calgary, just as it has been in many cities around the country. Many institutions are frantically attempting to meet quotas and create QTBIPOC space.  Only to be met by the realization that they don’t actually know what they’re doing or how to make those changes. Ergo, it’s time to fill those spaces with people who know how to cultivate them; people who have historically been removed from the conversation.

Organized by curator Delilah Edouard Williams, the Black Curation CAM/MAC lecture series runs from January through to April 2021. The monthly online lectures will speak with notable Black curators from some of the most established galleries and museums in North America.

Upcoming lecture on March 31st from 2:30 – 4 pm MST (4:30 to 6 pm EST) is with Emilie Croning, Toronto-based curator on curating with care and support of BIPOC within cultural institutions.

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The past lecture included the curatorial team from the Museum of African and Contemporary Art (MoCADA) in New York City. As well as, Alexa Joy, Blackspace Founder, who will be addressing Eurocentrism in the Canadian Art world.


Lectures run in English, with the following Q&A conducted in French and English.