Photographed by Alia Aluma, NAFASI 2020

Love vs. Survival: Diverse relationships, abusive situations, and interracial success stories with Taylor McNallie


Sometimes our choices don’t reflect who we are, but rather what we need. After chatting with Taylor, we learned that sometimes we hurt others because we have to and that we might be unaware of the conflicts that we carry. This episode talks about first relationships, abusive situations, and possible reasons for cheating. As well as the diversity of polyamory,  and what it’s like to date interracially as a Black woman.

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Catching up with Taylor McNallie, we were able to bond over similar upbringings and the years we spent living in rural Canadian Prairies. Of course, as Black women in predominately white communities, this affected our lives in interesting ways. Taylor sheds light on her first and diverse relationships, good and bad, and the first times that come with them. Eventually arriving at parenthood, now the mother of a 10-year-old who is preparing to explore the world and its uncertainties.

In a way, Taylor is doing the same. After some years of adversity, mixed with rewarding pursuits in diverse relationships, Taylor shared with me her journey into her current long term, healthy partnership. All things considered, in her current diverse relationship, Taylor, a public figure and Black activist, is dating a White man. Of course, is this is not uncommon, but we address some points of interest within interracial relationships. Furthermore, we expand towards the relationships that Black women have with their societies and environments.

All together, Taylor uses her experience in diverse relationships to shed light on the lessons she learned along the way.

As a multifaceted, inspiring woman, with community-based initiatives, listening to Taylor share her journey is uplifting and eye-opening.


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