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Living Consciously: Uncoupling, Parenting & Polyamory with Kareem Manuel

After being married for ten years, former pastor, Kareem Manuel now lives a conscious, polyamorous life. Homeschooling two young boys, he shares his experiences with conscious parenting and dinner table polyamory. Furthermore, Kareem introduces us to the realms of Tantra and kink, teaching us how to truly connect with ourselves and our partners. This episode may have you questioning everything you know about parenting, relationships, and sex.

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Kareem and I became connected via an Instagram post comments section, briefly exchanging introductions before diving into a deep conversation about his transformative life journey. Based in Atlanta, GA, Kareem co-parents with his ex-wife after consciously uncoupling a few years ago. Despite its learning curves, he is consciously parenting two Black sons in America, homeschooling and emphasizing the importance of curiosity and choice while also preparing them for different stages in their life.

In his polyamorous, plant-based home, Kareem also welcomes tantra and kink within his partnerships. Tantra, a Hindu and Buddhist tradition, is an orgasmic but not always sexual practice that teaches us how to become fully conscious of our closeness. Notably, Kareem references a lesson he learned in his journey which confronts sexually active people with the question,

“Are you having conscious sex? Or are you just masturbating with another person?”

Among the many lessons that Kareem offers, his focus on intentionality and conscious living in all of your relationships and choices are at the forefront of this conversation.

In this episode, Kareem and I talk about:

  • The different types of polyamory, from primary and secondary partners to dinner-table polyamory, and how to tell potential partners that you’re poly.
  • How to face adversity from friends and family when making drastic changes in your life.
  • Conscious living: Uncoupling, Parenting, and Sexuality.
  • How to live more intentionally and connected to yourself and what is around you.


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