Our Human Noise, Alia Aluma

Platonic Intimacy & Empathetic Conflict Resolution with Freya Szmidt


At the start of February, I reached out to a collection of wonderful people who occupied different spaces around the world. My intention is to learn about relationships, in their various forms and stages. Yet, in the process, I managed to learn more than that. I become intimately acquainted with strangers, reconnected with old friends, and reflected on my own life in the process.

During a personal conversation with Freya, we opened up about what it means to noncommercially love yourself. Toss aside the facemask, pedicure, glass of wine aesthetic, and learn to like yourself in a way that doesn’t come down to your ability to contribute to consumerism. Especially during a pandemic, when jobs are scarce and uncertainty bears weight on our shoulders.

We also talk about the intersections and differences between sexual and romantic attraction, as they intertwine with gender identity. Briefly explaining how we are perceived in the world versus how we perceive ourselves.

Finally, we explore the realm of empathy and even take some time to ponder whether being twins impacts emotional intelligence.  Freya also gives us tips on leadership within empathetic conflict resolution.

Listen here: