FXRGN- Music Label - Team
FXRGN- Music Label - Team

A Look into Canada’s Afropop Music Scene Through Uzo’s New Song Temptation

Uzo has brought R&B-infused afrobeats and afroswing to the streets of Calgary with his new song, Temptation, and the 10 at 10 family is here for it!

PHOTO Courtesy of @fxrgn_uzo

Edison “Uzo” Odunze is a Black-British rapper exploring Canada’s music sphere through FXRGN Music, a Black-Canadian music label. The track also features Wole, a talented Black-Canadian Nigerian singer.

Temptation is a lively song with a relatable message of being enticed by your love interest. 

Uzo alludes that no one is free from vices, “We all have this [or] that tempt us,” he says. Though in the case of “Temptation”, his vice comes in the form of a love interest where Uzo personifies temptation as a girl. “She’s that person that you keep giving into every time, even knowing that you shouldn’t.”

Although the song draws inspiration from African (more specifically Yoruba) music, “Temptation” is an authentic look into Canada’s growing multicultural shift in entertainment. Canada is starting to become the home of African diasporic music, similar to the United Kingdom. Uzo is joining the ranks of J Hus, Kida Kudz, NSG and Pa Salieu, the faces of vibrant African sounds permeating the British underground music scene.


“Temptation” is out now on all streaming platforms. So do yourself a favour and take a listen!