Kwavvy Aims For Higher Stages

Get To Know Kwavvy

In the ever-evolving world of music, there are artists who break barriers, combining their diverse backgrounds and experiences to create something truly remarkable. One such artist is Kwavvy, a Cameroon-born, Nigerian-raised, and now Calgary-based Afrobeat singer/songwriter.

Kwavvy Photographed Mid Performance. 10AT10 | 2023

Since emerging on the scene in 2020, Kwavvy has rapidly garnered attention, captivating audiences with his soulful vocals, infectious rhythms, and heartfelt storytelling. Displayed effortlessly with his recently released 2022 debut EP, “Love And Life Affairs“, Kwavvy invites listeners into his world, weaving a narrative that encapsulates his love and life experiences, shaping him into the artist he is today.

Kwavvy’s journey into the music industry began in 2020 when he made the decision to pursue his passion professionally. Drawing from his Cameroonian and Nigerian roots, as well as his experiences growing up in Calgary, Kwavvy sought to create a unique blend of Afrobeat, infusing traditional sounds with contemporary elements. With a fresh perspective and an undeniable talent, he quickly generated a buzz in the industry, captivating listeners with his charismatic presence and captivating stage performances.

The Tracklist

The project begins with “Hypnotize Me” sets the tone for Kwavvy’s exploration of love’s intoxicating allure. With infectious rhythms and enchanting melodies, the track captures the initial spark and excitement of a budding romance. Kwavvy’s smooth vocals effortlessly draw listeners in, evoking the sensation of being captivated by someone’s presence.

Kwavvy Photographed Mid Performance. 10AT10 | 2023

The second track off of the EP is “Monalisa“, featuring 3Gbontal3nted. The song showcases Kwavvy’s and 3Gbontal’s ability to infuse their music with soulful storytelling. This track transports listeners into a vivid tale of love and longing. With its irresistible Afrobeat rhythms and poetic lyrics, “Monalisa” showcases Kwavvy’s ability to evoke emotion through his music, leaving listeners captivated and yearning for more.

Thirdly is “Don’t Fall in Love,” Kwavvy delves deeper into the complexities and vulnerabilities that accompany matters of the heart. Featuring another Canadian Afro-fusion artist Rooky. The track has the duo explores the cautionary side of love, cautioning against the risks and potential heartbreak that can come with opening oneself up to another person.

Closing out the EP, “Problem” brings forth a different facet of love—one that is tumultuous and filled with challenges. This track explores the complications that can arise in relationships and the struggle to find resolution. Kwavvy’s raw and emotive vocals convey the intensity of the emotions involved, creating an authentic and relatable experience for listeners.

Focusing On The Future

Each song showcases Kwavvy‘s ability to evoke emotion and weave together narratives that resonate deeply with his audience. As he shares his personal experiences with love, Kwavvy invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys and the ways in which love shapes and molds us into who we are today. With his debut EP, Kwavvy has firmly established himself as an artist to watch in the Afrobeat scene, leaving us eagerly anticipating his future releases.

Kwavvy Photographed Above. 10AT10 | 2023

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