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K-Riz ‘The Room EP’ Review

Edmonton hip-hop artist K-Riz encountered a near-death experience after a car accident that took place in June 2020. During his recovery, K-Riz completed The Room EP, a five-track compilation reflecting what he considers to be important in life. The title of the album is dedicated to the recovery room where he spent six months recuperating. 

Suffering from a spinal fracture, he intended to walk again. Thereafter, together with Edmonton producer JDats, K-Riz manifested a set of tracks embodying an R&B sound, with a jazzy flair and a soulful bravado. Ultimately, constructing a powerful take on life, enchanting what it means to be alive.

1. Intro

Now, if one can imagine someone getting a second chance at life after a brush with death, the opening track, “Intro would be exactly what one would lead with. On the track, the artist recites, “Peace and love/ peace and love/peace and love,” drawing importance on continual growth. Furthermore, reflecting on his realization that all which has preceded in the artist’s life until that point is minuscule. Although K-Riz has graced the world for 33 years, his near-death experience forced him to realize he has only just begun to discover life’s meaning.

2. A Place Where Love Is

The second track on his EP, “A Place Where Love Is,” represents a cry for peace tugging on the desire to be in a harmonious position in life. With the chorus a sweet melody delivered by the sultry voice of Calgary singer Yolanda Sargeant of Sargeant X Comrade. If there weren’t any bearings constructing the great evils of the world—where no violence occurs, no heart shed is met, neither trails nor tribulations conceived—that would be the embodiment of “A Place Where Love Is.”

3. Kobaiyashi

K-Riz doesn’t hold back with an upbeat tempo in “Kobaiyashi”, and gets right into it with featuring artist Yod Dior. “Kobaiyashi” brings up an urgency to constantly be on the grind, striving to always live purposefully while giving full energy. During the song, K-Riz proclaims, “The king is back,” as a stance he’ll no longer live nonchalantly. Declaring there’s no time to waste, as he reaffirms his existence by recognizing he can excel to greater heights in this given life. 

4. What A Shame

What A Shame” is a bit of a heartbreaker—a devastating reality when formidable love is taken for granted. Therefore, leading to a sabotaged experience where the artist ponders if it’s too late for love to be recovered, or set apart. And though both lovers desire the same thing, they’re now dealing with lost potential.

5. God First

Bringing the EP to a close, “God Firstopens with the sweet precision of Octavio Santos’ horn arrangements. At this point, the listener is fully drawn in, and soon after a beat drops. K-Riz doesn’t force you to get into it, he leads you into the track. This song tells a story reminiscent of what his experience with life has uncovered within him, giving homage to the great force which keeps him here. “God First” truly showcases the artist’s potential. The use of rhyme, rhythm and play on words is immaculately placed throughout this single. 

Overall, The Room EP is well put. Based on the production, the lyrical capacity and the flow of the whole EP, an eight out of ten would be granted. His classic EP gives a glimpse of what a full album from K-Riz might offer. The Room EP certainly sets the bar for what’s to come and can be streamed on several platforms including Spotify and SoundCloud. Take a listen: