A woman is floating in the centre of a circle with the caption "Circles" under her as support
Album art for "Circles" Courtesy Cheyanne Summer

Cheyanne Summer’s Shares her Latest Single “Circles”

It’s a folk-inspired bluesy song that’ll have you thinking and feeling

Cheyanne Summer’s most recent single is everything an R&B hit should be.

Released on Aug. 9, “Circles,” is a lyrically honest and musically complex song that showcases Summer’s songwriting ability and her understanding of musical composition. 

With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk influences, Summer’s powerful vocals glide across an understated guitar riff for a laid-back, summery sound that still captures the mood of the subject of her song.

Circles” is a slower, more emotional track than Summer’s previous release “iSpy” featuring TinyWiings, but it still has the same bluesy influence and shares the same elements that make her sound unique.

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PHOTO: Cheyanne Summer IG, original photo by Jared Cobb,
@nightmarecreatives on Instagram

The song features a host of talented sessioned musicians, contributing violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a slow rock drumbeat; harmonic and perfectly complimenting Summer‘s vocal melodies.

Stream “Circles” now on all major platforms.