Dizzy Walka salutes the go-getters on his latest track

Dizzy Walka has gone back to the sound his fans know him for.

After briefly stepping away from it to pay tribute to his late father on his last project, the Calgary rapper storms back with a song he says is bringing back the hype.

Chase” is the rapper’s 11th studio single and his second Canadian release.

“The song title just reflects me going after what I want most out of this,” said Walka. “One of the biggest things I’m chasing, besides my dream, is the money.”

The track has an air confidence and motivation about it as Walka raps about his dreams and making it big while hyping up his listeners and fanbase.

Photo by @jgodri_photo on IG

“I’d like to call this an anthem for all the hustlers, go getters and bag chasers,” said Walka. “This is me coming back with all the hype.”

Listen to “Chase” on all platforms now.