Edmonton rapper Mouraine sparks up new tune Do Dat Dance

Lyricism, vibes and summertime are three words that describe Mouraine’s new song “Do Dat Dance“. Originally from Northern Sudan, this Edmontonian rapper never misses the mark when it comes to making great music. In a time that has forced the world behind closed doors, and drawn social media to the forefront, “Do Dat Dance” was inspired as a chill vibe to jam out to. “I’m just keeping it fun,” says Mouraine. 

In “Do Dat Dance” Mouraine raps about himself and a girl sharing their love. All from Moraine “not knowing how to act” when she dances, to them riding around like Jazmine and Aladdin, as he frames within his song.

Although “Do Dat Dance” has a different sound than the many singles in his catalogue, Mouraine keeps the same chill delivery that resonates through most of his songs. “I don’t feel like there’s a specific sound [to my music]” says Mouraine. “But I feel like I found my voice,” he continues. 

(Photo Courtesy of USOM Films)

For Mouraine, finding his voice came from being honest and staying true to himself. In doing so, he’s gained a stronger sense of development within his sound. Though he admits when his sound changes – as discoverable in his latest single – he’s only following a natural vibe and allowing the feeling to guide his work. 

“Honestly, I feel like you should always remain truthful and be yourself when you’re doing music,” he says. “Or when you have a voice; or when you’re speaking,” he continues. He goes on to explain, with repetition builds confidence towards perfection. Though adding the key, is to simply remain authentic.

(Photo Courtesy of USOM Films)

I feel like it’s a responsibility and you don’t want to mislead people into thinking this is something it’s not.”

With this single, he hopes to leave listeners with something catchy; something to dance to. Mouraine also has great hope people will smile and feel uplifted when listening to this track. Even if only for a couple of minutes, he hopes to change their moods. 

Moving forward, Mouraine is currently working on a five-track EP called Bigger Dreams said to be released on August 6. The EP will also feature “Do Dat Dance” as one of the tracks. Though for now, “Do Dat Dance” can be streamed on all major platforms found here