First Time Dad Jared Daniel pays tribute to his newborn in latest single “Summer Baby”

Summer Baby” is a beautiful song with a beautiful message sang by an R&B artist with a beautiful voice, Jared Daniel. 

Though the Calgary artist is matched in an authentic flow of talent by Calgary hip-hop artist A.Y.E. who features on the track. 

Together the duo is powerful. 

But the true beauty lies behind the inspiration of the song. Daniel, who recently became a dad, wrote “Summer Baby” following the birth of his daughter.

“It was a surprise when I found out I was going to be a dad for the first time,” says Daniel.

“Sometimes we don’t know what it is that will “save” us,” he continues.

“Or that deliverance doesn’t come in the form we would have thought or chosen.”

PHOTO Courtesy of Jared Daniel

Throughout the track, Daniel speaks to the experience of experiencing true love. 

“Isn’t she lovely / Isn’t she beautiful / Isn’t she precious,” he sings. 

All while A.Y.E. emphasizes all the things he would do for a true love. 

PHOTO Courtesy of Jared Daniel

Daniel says the birth of his baby girl came as an unexpected deliverance at a point in his life where he needed saving.

“I guess that’s why my daughter saved my life because she is the first person or situation where I’ve felt completely not in control and in need of God.”

PHOTO Courtesy of Jared Daniel

“It’s through her, that Light has come back into my life,” he says.

“That’s the inspiration behind Summer Baby.”

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