(PHOTO: Courtesy Halfcut)

Halfcut features Straight Trip and Sonny Hendrixx in latest single “Faded”

Faded” is a melodic hooked heavy-hitter that took grit, time and patience to come to life. Released by veteran Calgary rapper Halfcut, this track drops today, July 29th.

This track is a collaborative effort featuring fellow Canadian hip-hop artists Straight Trip and Sonny Hendrixx a.k.a Rooks Mccoy.

Together, the trio created an upbeat, celebratory track that Halfcut calls “a braggadocios party anthem.”

Beyond that, there’s a level of grit and tenacity about the song that showcases how it came to be.

“My good friend Straight Trip who’s on the song, he got locked up a long time ago,” said Halfcut.

He added that they tried to record after Straight Trip got out, but other things got in the way, and they couldn’t make it happen.

Fast forward to 2020, things started looking up for the pair, and they got back to doing what they know best.

“We got in the studio and crafted some new material for the first time in many years,” said Halfcut. “Faded” was the first song they recorded, and they both felt they had just made a masterpiece.


(Photo Courtesy of Halfcut)


But there was still something missing.

Soon after, they reached out to long-time friend and collaborator Rooks Mccoy to do his thing on the track.

“The guy absolutely crushed the third verse to complete the song,” said Halfcut.

The verse adds a layer to the song that makes it what it is. A party anthem that reflects on reality, while still celebrating being together.

“It’s kind of like a shot at the haters,” said Halfcult. “There’s always going to be those people, but that’s more from Trip’s side.”

For Halfcut, he said he felt differently, citing that he wanted to switch the words on the hook, saying “I pray you make it” as opposed to “I pray they ain’t gonna make it.”

Above all that, Halfcut says the song is just a celebration of being with friends, making music and living life.

“It’s just a banger,” said Halfcut.


(Photo Courtesy of Halfcut)

This song resonates as an anthem that celebrates two life-long friends making music together after being unable to for a long time.

Though even after its creation, it nearly took a journey that kept it locked up amongst his growing files of music. But he didn’t want to halt the release of more music.

After a long while of the songs just sitting in the vault, Halfcult has decided to release them, and “Faded” is the first.

Excitingly enough, there’s more to come, including several singles and a full-length album with King Cole.

Until then, stream ‘Faded‘ on all platforms now.