Jackie Art makes a statement of positivity on “On Me”

Jackie Art’s latest release is something out of the ordinary.

On Me” drops on Saturday, Sept. 25th.

For this single, the UK-born Calgary artist says he stepped out of his comfort zone while recording the song.

And it paid off.

Typically, Art’s music is fast-paced rap tunes over a hard beat. “On Me” takes a different direction.

Photo by John Bello @w00droug IG

“This track was an experiment for me just to dive outta my comfort zone of typical rapping and fast-paced beats,” said Art. “I enjoyed making it — the laidback sound the track generates.”

The song, Art says, is supposed to be a statement of being alright even through the roughest times. Musically, it is a relaxed beat that will invoke positivity and relay the message that things will be okay.

Lyrically, Art plays with words referencing both pop culture and personal experiences, including a slick reference to a cinematic icon,┬áDenzel Washington in the movie “Training Day”.

Ultimately, “On Me” is a song you can vibe to.

Listen to “On Me” on all major streaming platforms now.