“I Still” An R&B Classic

On January 1, 2021, Calgary-based musician Jared Daniel released an exceptional soulful single, “I Still”. Produced by Matt Zeoteman, the pair managed to compose a catchy R&B track to draw listeners in.

This emotional number, Daniel explains, pays homage to old-school 90s favourite “Dilemma” by artists Nelly and Kelly Rolland. Nevertheless, the experience is one all too personal to Daniel; one he relays most can relate to.

“Life out in an alone world can kind of feel lonely and cold,” says Daniel. “It’s a struggle of like oh shoot, I still love the way you love me.”

The storyline portrays an undying love still existing in one’s heart after a relationship’s faded existence.

Daniel doesn’t fail to serenade, with his smooth vocals and unique relaxed sound. Additionally, with Zeoteman’s beats coming in at exactly the right tempo, “I Still” is a remarkable sound. In fact, the whole production is remarkable. Moreover, while readers have come this far, no words can bring this song much justice. “I Still” is an absolute classic which can continuously be played over, and over like a new favourite song.

This noteworthy number comes suited with a striking music video developed by Eli Clark and Jon Zeoteman. The visuals accompany the song implacably portraying “I Still” quite well; gifting the storyline.

Nothing in this song serves to disappoint. “I Still” excels in any, and all expectations to be had. Out of 10, it’s certainly a 10.

“I Still” can be streamed on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.