An Ocean apart: Jared Daniel and Victory collaborate on new singe 'Ocean' (Omar Sherif/10at10)

Jared Daniel’s ‘Ocean’ featuring Victory will bring you together after it pulls you apart

During a time when we all feels isolated, Calgary raised singer-songwriters Jared Daniel and Victory come together to encourage listeners to come closer.

Released today on June 25, Jared’s “Ocean” features the sultry vocals of Victory painting a vivid picture of a lonely reality.

“It’s like two people living in the exact same house but there’s an ocean in between them emotionally,” said Daniel.

“Ocean” leads in with a powerfully mellow instrumental, alongside Daniel’s soulful voice inviting listeners into a deeply personal space.

The vocals then become distant from the instrumentals, as so many have been throughout the last year. Daniel expresses sharing those same feelings, displaying these emotions in the single.

“It’s this struggle, it’s really wanting to bridge that gap inside you. You really do want peace to be restored. But, you just don’t know how to do it.”

Jared Daniel and Victory collaborate on new singe ‘Ocean’ (Omar Sherif/10at10)

Throughout the track, Daniel moves the listeners through his perspective.

But there was something missing. To capture the full-scale of emotions of the song and isolation, another layer was added. This came from Victory.

“The song is about two different perspectives,” said the R&B artist.  “And two different people feeling separated from one another,” she continues.

A break from the vocals separates Daniel and Victory’s verses long enough to allow for reflection, while still creating tension. And suddenly, it changes course.

It’s moving from a place of being separate to a place of not being separate…

Victory delivers her verse with an effortless energy that takes listeners on a different path than imagined. 

“I’ve tried / but this is hard on me,” she sings, in response to Daniel’s verses.

The duo then reaches a place of being open to uncovering the other’s emotions. Now, it’s not just one person looking at it, but instead also actually understanding someone else’s perspective.

“Once you’re able to see how this person sees something, and how [that] person sees something, that actually can bring people together,” said Victory. 

In the end, their voices do come together in harmonizing fashion.

“That’s the whole goal of the songthe whole message of the song,” said Daniel. “It’s moving from a place of being separate to a place of not being separate.”

“Oceans” can be streamed on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.