Calgary Rapper KTheChosen poses in a headshot

Calgary Rapper KTheChosen Serves Up “Fresh Freestyle”

A Fresh Freestyle Chef’ed Up by Calgary Based Rapper

The Calgary streets have been served up a vibe enough to clap, dance and bop to all at once by KTheChosen in his lively single “Fresh Freestyle”.

Formally known as Thabo Chinake, this Zimbabwean-born Calgary rapper’s freestyle showcases his witty chops.

“I can’t dictate / My lyrics are like riddles/ I’m complex / What comes next / Is contest for progress / Between those who digest / Process the content.”

K The Chosen stares softly into the camera lens in an up close photo with a black mask on.
PHOTO Courtesy of Floyd Gonzales

Fresh Freestyle” is quick, catchy and sweet – the perfect antidote for an end-of-summer banger featuring a harmonic hook.

“I know you waiting to blow like TikTok,” is one line in the track foreshadowing how this song could soon be adapted on the popular social media app.

“So, you can come through and bring your best friend too.” KTheChosen adds as one of his many cheeky lines.

More on the Artist

Beyond his lyrics, KTheChosen has been using his platform to speak on the importance of anti-racism and the BLM movement.

While studying Business at the University of Calgary, he would use his free time to focus on global political issues, sharing information and resources to educate his followers.

He believes all resources used in anti-racism work need to be easily accessible. He delivers education through the art of words, painting a picture of his lived experiences.

K The Chosen sports a black hoodie with the hood up and a slight smile.
PHOTO Courtesy of Lionel Migrino

“Not only is this an easier way to digest the information but as it’s visual it’ll remain in their minds. Similarly, if you were to create a song or poem or movie. Any form of art gives people a different way to interpret information and we are more likely to remember it/share it with others.” – KTheChosen in an interview with CDLI.

This busy artist also has a number of tracks recently out from “Dear African Fathers”, to “Norman’s Tale, Pt. 5 (Quarter Life Crisis)“, as well as an eight-track EP Jouska.

Catch more of KTheChosen’s recent sound here now.

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