Kray C turns up the heat with “FLEX”

Canada’s hottest summer on record just got hotter.

On June 21, the official first day of summer, Vancouver-based reggaeton artist Kray C released his latest single “FLEX”.

Throughout the song, he raps about confidence, class and sex over a hard Latin beat.

Citing inspiration from old school reggaeton and reggae artists including Daddy Yankee and Shabba Ranks, “FLEX” brings back themes Kray C says have been missing from the genre recently.

Energy, simplicity, confidence and sex.

“Nowadays reggaeton has kind of taken more of like a softer side,” said Kray C.

“The new artists, they kind of go more towards the ladies, which is smart, obviously that’s where the market is.”

Flexing: Reggaeton artist Kray C on set during the filming of the music video for his song “FLEX”   (Screenshot/FLEX music video)

With a harder beat and more direct, explicit lyrics “FLEX” goes back to the old school style of reggaeton that exudes a certain confidence and attitude.

“It’s sexual for sure,” said Kray C.

The hook can be roughly translated to “when a girl gets flirty and when she gets, a ‘Miss bang’ type attitude, I’m going to come and I’m going to flex on her,” he said.

“And then when I flex on her, because of my style of flexing on her, she’s going to fall,” he said.

Like the lyrics, the video reflects the same themes.

Filmed on top of a building with Vancouver’s skyline in the background, Kray C says everything from the way he and the girls dressed, to the positioning of the vehicle and where they were in the city was deliberate.

“The video’s kind of like that, I’m on top, I’m overlooking the city, there [are] two girls that are all dressed up kind of like associates of mine,” he said.

“We tried to capture more of a classy, bossy, kind of look, with that kind of summer vibe.”

“I want people to feel that energy, feel that summer vibe,” he continues. “I want this video and this song to make guys feel like they can flex, and make girls feel like they should just get up and dance.”