Lemba Drops Her Debut Single “Falling Roses”

On July 30, Calgary residing singer-songwriter, filmmaker/public speaker/vocal coach and poet, Lemba dropped her debut single “Falling Roses”, introducing the world to her sound.

Known professionally as Misha Maseka, this talented multidisciplinary artist is also the host behind the podcast In Rehearsal. Adding to her growing list of achievements, Lemba followed the “Falling Roses” song release with the official music video.

Premiering on YouTube with just over 2,500 streams so far, “It feels; it feels really good,” says Lemba.

The Breakdown

Rooted in opera and soul, this smooth sultry singer carries listeners through a prototypical tale of love and heartbreak. Classically trained, she opens “Falling Roses” with an angelic melody repeatedly singing, “Falling, falling, falling roses.” Later, that same melody takes a melancholy drop, as her lyrics express, she’s tired.

“He loves me,” she sings, “He loves me not,” she holds high that note.

PHOTO: Mecoh Bain

Even though the lyrics tell a somber tale of betrayal, listeners are later met with the still softness and firm control she holds within her delivery. This comes during the bridge of “Falling Roses“. 

At that moment, the instrumental takes a pause, and Lemba’s rich voice carries on full display against the silence. Soon after, a piano kicks back in, enriching the sound of her voice before she’s accompanied by a harmonious set of adlibs. Lemba then closes “Falling Roses” off fittingly, softly singing, “Leave me alone.”

PHOTO: Mecoh Bain

A Film-like Music Video

According to Lemba, unlike the song that tells a clear story, the video takes on a metaphoric concept. It first begins with Lemba and her love interest making plans. Though when he arrives at the door, he’s kept waiting on the front porch while she prepares herself with the support of two friends. Nearing the end of the video once she’s finally ready, she opens the door to find roses left by her lover who has grown impatient and chosen not to stay. 

“It’s a bit of a metaphorical question of sometimes in relationships or when getting together with someone, how ready are we?” she asks. 

PHOTO: Mecoh Bain

Directed by Jessica Sanchez, the video is intentionally fun, a little quirky and light enough for heavy replay value. According to Lemba, the video is a nod to the 70’s. The costumes were even custom designed and styled by Marissa Aurora, reflecting the same vintage concept from that era.

Through the quality of work you can immediately feel that, “Falling Roses,” carries a strong message. “Hopefully anyone who’s been going through it with their man or their woman can feel empowered enough to leave,” Lemba says.

“I wanted [the song] to live in that realm where people are like, I feel better and more empowered listening to this. Like a breakup song that everybody likes to scream at the top of their lungs,” she continues.

“And at this time with summer breakups, give them something uplifting to sing as they’re crying in the sun.”

PHOTO: Mecoh Bain

Lemba’s Roots

Lemba says, living in various places around the world during her formative years served as a catalyst for her creativity. Born in Swaziland to Zambian parents, she later moved to Australia at 9-years-old, where she pursued classical training. At 12, she found herself uprooted to Canada. Then later, travelled to Germany in pursuit of becoming an opera singer. Now back in Calgary, Lemba’s exposure to different cultures has uncovered her interest in trying to understand the correlation between individuals and the relationships they carry. Fittingly, as her name means “To ask”. 

“To be honest, I am obsessed with — and when I say this word I think most people kind of think sexuality — but I’m really obsessed with intimacy,” says Lemba.

According to Lemba, this intimacy includes the relationship between parents, children, lovers or friends. “I’m really obsessed with sort of, “What are the things that open us up, what are the things that close us up?” I’m just someone who’s so curious about humans and the way that we work.”

PHOTO: Mecoh Bain

Lemba’s Extended Branches

Lemba’s creative aspects persist, as she’s recently been added as an esteemed member of the 10 at 10 publication team.

According to Lemba, she ventures to bring her same curiosity of intimacy to her work with 10 at 10. 

“I think just by way of being multidisciplinary, and also 10 at 10 being a multidisciplinary platform, my expertise can come alongside what you guys are doing so well already,”

“I just want to come in and empower what is already happening and really just be able to refine the curation of live events.”

As Misha joins the team, Lemba gears for her first EP set to be released this fall. Until then, “Falling Roses” can be streamed on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.