Alberta’s Own K-Riz Debuts “Less Is More”

The K-Riz Uprising

Less is More”, the latest single from Calgary-based hip-hop artist K-Riz serves as a perfect representation of the young artist’s signature style. Crafting a unique blend of hip-hop and R&B that envelops the listener in a state of a serenity.

K-Riz Pictured Above. Photographed by YamaGucci | 10AT10 2023

Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and now based in Calgary, K-Riz has solidified making a name for himself in the Canadian music scene.  Garnering high-profile recognition with his previous albums “Fresh Air” and “Peace & Love“, to being celebrated as one of Western Canada’s premier hip-hop artists. K-Riz has continually ascended to new melodic levels with each release and his latest single “Less Is More” is definitive proof of that.

Less is More” is not just another track in the hip-hop and R&B arena. It’s a profound exploration of the idea that simplicity can bring unparalleled richness to our lives. The song unfolds with K-Riz‘s calming verses, delivered with a finesse on top of featuring Ice Tha One‘s blissful hooks, which add an ethereal quality to the track, creating an atmosphere that feels like a type of meditation. The creative and high quality production, courtesy of Junia-T, lays the perfect foundation for this musical journey.

Exploring The Creation

K-Riz‘s approach to music is not only about the message but additionally the process. He values the art of collaboration and believes that it’s the diverse voices and perspectives of those involved that make each track truly special. “This track came out so easily,” K-Riz says. “I love what other people can bring to a song; the melodies that people come up with that stretch the boundaries of what a song can be. That’s the magic part of collaborating. All of these voices just make each track what it needs to be. It lifts the entire record.”

The willingness to embrace collaboration is a testament to creating music that resonates on a deeper level. It’s this openness to different voices and ideas that allows the track to transcend the boundaries of a typical hip-hop or R&B track, making it a genre-defying experience.

Heading Out With One Way Ticket

Less is More“, is not just a song; it’s a one-way ticket to mindfulness. Which directly correlates to the centerpiece that is K-Riz’s forthcoming third full-length album, One Way Ticket. The Canadian artist enters his self-described “Off the Wall era.” Much like Michael Jackson’s masterpiece of liberation, the album pulls from an assortment of influences (hip-hop, funk, R&B, and dance).

K-Riz Pictured Above. Photographed by YamaGucci | 10AT10 2023

The album showcases K-Riz at his apex, glowing with confidence, embracing new experiences, and living in the moment. Invited guests across 14 tracks include Bubby Lewis, Octavio N. Santos, Ice Tha One, ZENON+, Riwo, and KTheChosen, along with production from Junia-T, LordQuest, JDats, Eddie Pe$o$, and more.

If you haven’t already, check out “Less Is More” on all major music streaming platforms now. And stay tuned for his album “One Way Ticket” dropping September 15th. Liked this article? Check out some more Canadian music through the link below, or scroll down to read about some new 10at10 entertainment!