Arlo Maverick Exhibits Gratitude With “Day Ones”

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Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, hip-hop artist Arlo Maverick displays themes of perseverance, gratefulness and sincerity in his latest single “Day Ones“.

Arlo Maverick Pictured Above, Photographed By Natalie Meyer. 10AT10 | 2023

This soul-filled track serves as a prelude to his upcoming album, “Blue Collar,” releasing on October 20, 2023. The song delivers a simple yet powerful message: appreciate and cherish the loyal people in your life. Whilst the accompanying music video is a touching montage of friends, family, and loved ones spanning the years.

Arlo has been long been considered a prominent figure in Edmonton’s hip-hop scene, celebrated for his dynamic wittiness and lyrical prowess. However, “Day Ones” debuts as a welcomed departure from his usual style. Additionally, the track showcases his versatility, where he effortlessly switches up his flow to showcase his singing skills, proving that he’s more than just a master of the spoken word.

Diving Into The “Day Ones”

When describing “Day Ones“, Arlo details that “For entrepreneurs, the road to success is extremely lonely, but there are always the handful of people who help you achieve your goals. This song acknowledges and celebrates them. I hope this song gets listeners into a thankful mood to show gratitude to the people that have always had your back.”

The song’s essence revolves around appreciating and holding close the loyal individuals who have been by your side. It’s a tribute to the unwavering support and love from friends, family, and fans that have propelled Arlo’s career. “Day Ones” serves as a reminder to never forget those who have been there through thick and thin.

Regardless of knowing the Edmonton emcee personally, the themes on display throughout the track resonate with a broad audience. Crafting a melody that is sure to get your head nodding, feet tapping, and lifting your head up no matter the adversity you face. Focusing on the people around you, all while ignoring the animosity amongst the doubters.

Looking Forward And Backward

From his beginnings as a founding member of the seminal Edmonton rap crew Politic Live, to earning a 2023 Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Rap & Hip Hop Artist, Arlo Maverick has led an impactful journey across Canadian hip-hop. He is now positioned in 2023 to have another great year of music with his forthcoming release “Blue Collar”, which is the third release in a loosely based trilogy, including 2016’s “Maybe Tomorrow“, and 2021’s “Soul Merchant“.

As Edmonton’s own, this latest single depicts Arlo as a driving force in the city’s vibrant hip-hop scene. And in an age where success stories may overshadow genuine, human connections, the rapper’s track is a reminder of recognizing and cherishing the ‘Day Ones’ in our lives.

Collage Of Photos From Days Ones Music Video. 10AT10 | 2023

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