Isaiah Rashad’s THIB Album Review

Isaiah’s Triumphant Return

Hailing from the deep south of the U.S, Chattanooga, TN native Isaiah Rashad has finally released his long-awaited, highly anticipated sophomore album The House Is Burning (THIB).

The project boasts several features from fellow Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) members Jay Rock and SZA, while also bringing Smino, 6lack, Lil Uzi Vert and many more.

Today, we at 10 at 10 divulge our thoughts on the album, inspect some of the amazing production and relay our final thoughts upon THIB

Further expanding on his nostalgic toned, vibe-filled, conscious lyrical style, Isaiah once again shines through most of the tracks. Covering a variety of topics including substance abuse, relationships, family issues and racism in society. Let’s break it down.

Isaiah Rashad, photo by Spencer Sease

The Track-list Breakdown

The intro “DARKSEID” takes its title from the DC Comics villain with the same name. It has Rashad questioning his motives and his place in the world, contemplating who he is as an individual.

 FROM THE GARDEN” featuring Lil Uzi Vert had gathered immense anticipation amongst fans. The track had been teased all the way back in 2017 on Isaiah’s Instagram. “R.I.P YOUNG” has some of the best samples of production on the album, lead by Kal Banx

LAY WITH YA” was the lead single off the THIB and the first music visual Rashad had released since his hiatus. Featuring Duke Deuce, it has the two rappers detailing their endeavours and lavish lifestyles.

CLAYMORE” has Isaiah connect with St.Louis rapper Smino, both bringing their signature, harmonious auras to the track. “HEADSHOTS” and “ALL HERB” bring the infamous laidback tones that Isaiah has crafted carefully over the years.

TRUE STORY” features Jay Rock and Jay Worthy who both effortlessly merge into the track’s beautiful production by Devin Malik. “WAT U SED” details the notorious party life that many individuals long for, bringing Doechii and Kal Banx along for the track.

 “DON’T SHOOT” and “CHAD” both have Isaiah deliver more of the hip-hop-conscious-filled flow he has perfected over the years. 

SCORE” stands as one of the lone R&B tracks off the album, which has the artists discussing what they look for in a ride or die. This track stars 6lack and SZA with sole production going to Kenny Beats.

THIB” is the title track of the project having Rashad open up about his substance abuse and alcoholism. While “HB2U” has him reminisce about his past and collisions with fame. Having the intro be him questioning everything, the outro ultimately depicts him having acceptance for his own life and choice’s he has made. 

What’s Next For The TDE Alumni?

The House Is Burning portrays a tale of adventure, mental health, joy and introspectiveness. Having it only be his third official project released during his tenure with TDE, critics and fans alike are now determined to see the full longevity of Rashad’s artistry. And also how high he could possibly reach through out his career. 

Also with a handful of TDE’s own artists scheduled to drop soon, extreme die-hard Rashad fans can look forward to him having guest appearance’s on his peer’s albums and any visuals THIB still may have to come.

If you haven’t listened to The House Is Burning yet, check it out on all major streaming platforms now. Feel free to also sample his sound below: