KTheChosen Opens Up With “IRL”

Back And Better Than Ever

KTheChosen with his unique style and infectious energy brings the spotlight back upon him with his new six-track EP “IRL“. Containing themes of romance, self-reflection and passion, the young Zimbabwean born, Calgary-based rapper showcases his versatility to a new peak.

KTheChosen Photographed by Aron Diaz. | 10AT102023

Known for his distinctive artistry and spoken word lyricism, KTheChosen explores different meanings for “IRL” beyond the conventional “In Real Life.” His latest body of work is a testament to his dynamic personality, blending melodic flows and expertly crafted production. The project also features KTheChosen’s 2023 hit “Orchard” featuring Canadian singer/songwriter Nate Lesco.

KTheChosen’s project delves into the multifaceted meanings of “IRL“, unraveling layers beyond the surface. While the acronym traditionally refers to interactions and experiences in life, KTheChosen introduces his interpretations: “I Rarely Lie“, “I Really Love” and “In Real Life“. These alternative interpretations offer listeners a glimpse into the artist’s authenticity and emotional depth, showcasing a commitment to truth and genuine connection.

An Ever Evolving Artist

A creative departure from his previous works, KTheChosen embraces more melodic flows on this EP. The contrast of his delivery against the versatile instrumentation adds glimpses of emotional resonance to each track. Lyrically, he weaves narratives that touch on personal growth, love, and the challenges of navigating the complexities of modern society. The transparency in his storytelling invites listeners to connect on a deeper level, blurring the lines between artist and audience.

KTheChosen Photographed by Aron Diaz. | 10AT102023

Within this project, KTheChosen unveils a new persona, “Heartbreak K.” In the interlude “Be“, the young artist explores the emotional portions of his vulnerability, adding a new dimension to his identity. From introspective tracks such as “In Real Life” to high energy tracks such as “I Really Love“, KTheChosen solidifies “IRL” as a pivotal chapter in his discography.

Additionally the project hosts a remix to his 2023 single “Orchard” featuring Nate Lesco. However, the remix divulges from the pop-filled tune released earlier this year into a heavy bass inspired, piano fuelled trap/hip-hop sound, which is a welcomed conclusion to the EP’s entirety.

What’s Next For KTheChosen?

The friendly neighbourhood rapper has cemented his own lane in the Alberta music industry. With his distinct creative methods on full display to his fans and peers alike, KTheChosen is poised to have an incredibly successful 2024 in music. From his entertaining storytelling and hosting a TEDx Talk. To securing a nomination for Rap Recording of the year in 2022, possibilities are endless for the young rapper.

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