Rebecca Dawn Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Rebecca Dawn Exhibits Energy With “Soda”

The Rise Of Rebecca Dawn

Rebecca Dawn‘s musical journey has been a remarkable one, marked by passion, dedication, and an unquenchable thirst for creativity. Which is all evident in her latest single “Soda“.

Rebecca Dawn Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Hailing from Calgary, she burst onto the music scene in 2014, showcasing her remarkable talent and a captivating stage presence that garnered attention. Her roots in the city run deep, and it’s here where she found her true calling as a rapper. Over the years, Rebecca Dawn has earned a reputation for her electrifying live performances and her extraordinary freestyle rap abilities. Her charismatic presence on stage and the raw energy she brings to her music have solidified her status as a standout artist in the Alberta music scene.

Shaking It Up With Soda

Now in 2023, Rebecca is embarking on a new chapter in her musical career, marked by the release of her latest single, “Soda.” This track is a testament to her growth as an artist, as she blends the sweet melodic energy of indie pop romance with the lyrical storytelling of hip-hop and the rhythmic bounce of alternative r&b.

Produced by FlipTunesMusic and engineered by Audiohouse in Calgary, Alberta, “Soda” delivers a bass-heavy track. Additionally, the song has the personification of a midsummer’s evening, highlighting themes of intimacy and playfulness. Although just a brief single, Rebecca ultimately enlists her feelings to occupy the verses whilst giving the hook an undeniably catchy tune.

Rebecca Dawn Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Rebecca has been known for her prowess in freestyle rap and signature pop-rap albums, like her 2019 project “Cosmic Love Odyssey“. However, now with “Soda“, the song itself represents a new departure for the artist. With this single, she unveils a more feminine side of her craft, demonstrating her versatility as a rapper. It’s a testament to her willingness to explore new territories and challenge herself artistically.

Analyzing What’s Ahead

Rebecca‘s musical journey seems to be truly taking form this year. With two EPs released already in 2023 with “Best Sex” featuring La Tytan and “Night City Rebel” featuring Bvitae to her recently released single “Soda,” it showcases the dedication she exhibits to her craft. Blending genres with finesse, she’s created a unique space for herself in the music industry.

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