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RTC Profit Presents “Conflict of Interest”

Back And Better Than Ever

In 2022, we highlighted a hip-hop album by a Canadian rapper who strives to go beyond his limits with each track. A young artist who obsessively evaluates his own work constantly, ever evolving to a higher level of wordplay. Releasing a brand-new album in an eight-month span, RTC Profit showcases why he is a force to be reckoned with.

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RTC Profit Pictured Above – Photo Courtesy of RTC

Conflict of Interest” provides a significant impact on Profits discography. Having the rapper deliver eight tracks each containing their own themes. Upon this project, Profit addresses several thought-provoking ideals whilst crafting conscious hip-hop at a high level. And within this album the young artist recruits a handful of features, from Western Canada rap artists such as K-Riz and Sinzere, to American hip-hop artists such as Knowitall from New York, and Massachusetts native Zaay.

From “Persona Non Grata” to “Conflict of Interest“, Profit elaborated on how the collaboration processes that occurred while making the album helped him grow as an artist. Further stating that, “I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and work with multiple artists and producers on Conflict Of Interest. There are 9 features across 8 records but even so, I believe this is definitely a more cohesive project than Persona Non Grata. I also wanted to find the right balance, in terms of length, so that it would be a quick listen and easy to run it back. I always try to drop gems that won’t necessarily be caught on the first listen, so the goal was to make this project something that people could come back to.”

Examining Conflict of Interest

What influenced you to create Conflict Of Interest? Were there any obstacles in the process?

The music game is real competitive these days, artists need to release high quality at a very consistent rate. There are so many things vying for our attention and life moves so quick that it’s essential even for the biggest artists to release multiple times a year. The motivation behind the music itself was the concept of exhibiting resilience and finding peace while not being shifted by the circumstances that life presents us with. There were really no major obstacles in the creation of this project, very different from Persona Non Grata. I had a very clear idea for the direction of the overall project and just put the pieces together, almost like a puzzle.

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How did the collaboration processes occur?

I’ve been connecting with artists and producers across the States through Twitter for the last year and there are quite a few that I have respect for, with regard to their hustle and skill set. I reached out to many of them for beats and features and had to be real strategic about which artists to place on which records. As a connoisseur of hip-hop, I understood the strengths of each artist and what would create synergy stylistically. A great example of this is the final record on the project, Mansa Matrix, which features two Alberta heavyweights in K-Riz and Sinzere.


Starting off the project is “REDEFINED” which acts as a testament to the rap game from the viewpoint of the young rapper. It references Profit’s position in rap currently ; how he’s been continuing with his evolution of not only his mindset, but lyricism and skills. Combined with incredibly smooth vocals and an alluring production fusing jazz influences and 808’s, the song acts as a perfect introduction to the album.

Next up is the title track “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” featuring Zaay, an American rapper from Lawrence, MT. The duo deliver a performance that immediately switches up the tempo of the album, having Profit provide the dynamic wordplay that he’s been cultivating since the early 2010s. Zaay follows up with an equally ear-catching verse, creating his own lane within the song.

Thirdly is “SOLILOQUY“, which equals to exactly what the title of the track refers to. It showcases Profit rap uninterrupted for its entire duration, discussing a variety of thoughts and ideals he considers close to him. Amongst the West Coast influenced production and ferocious cadence he distributes throughout, the young rapper flows effortlessly on the song.

What follows is “DYSTOPIA“, a track depicting conversations of who’s the best, how you navigate through success and how to deal with competition in the rap game. Featuring two American artists, Patty Honcho hailing from Paterson, NJ and Knowitall from New York City, NY. The song emulates similarities to a cypher with its back and forth lyrical acts and quick-paced beat, presenting each rapper with an intense moment to shine.



The fifth track of the album is “ALL GAS“. A song that immediately entices the listener with soft-toned production at the forefront, its smooth hip-hop instrumental and captivating hook. The song also features Sincerely Yourz, a rapper based out of New Jersey, and between Profit’s undeniably swift wordplay and Sincerely slowing the tempo with his cooler approach, it’s creates an experience that’ll have you nodding along during your listen.

Sixth is “WISDOM OF SOLOMON” which debuted as the young rapper’s lead single of the album. Coming out a month prior to “Conflict of Interest“, It features another pair of American rappers, Delano and unruly, and each artist brings their own significant touch to their verse, speaking upon their personal traits and ways of living with flare and animosity.

profit posing
RTC Profit Pictured Above – Photo Courtesy of RTC

Next up is “THE CODE“, featuring JHurd, a rapper from Dallas, TX. Within the song both rappers detail their own personal values and some of the issues that be on plaguing their mind in present day. Mixed with a heavy bass line, stellar production and high quality lyricism, the duo construct a track displaying an intriguing, conscious theme throughout its duration.

Last but certainly not least is “MANSA MATRIX” featuring two Canadian artists, K-Riz originally from Toronto, now based in Calgary/Edmonton, and Sinzere, from Calgary. The three rappers each deliver their own verse concentrating on how far they’ve come, and what they intend to do to continue, persevere and pursue their own dreams individually. Cementing a final, pure message to follow your instincts and stay true to who you are.

Limitless Potential

From “Persona Non Grata” to “Conflict of Interest“, Profit has centered his attention on creating high-quality music with thought-provoking themes, finding a balance between conscious rap and pure hip-hop entertainment. With his latest project exhibiting his skills to a maximum, all whilst developing his discography even further, the young rapper states he has more music coming soon. Continuing on to say that, “I’ve always got something new in the works, specifically two collaborative albums with 2 producers, DDWAVE and GreeneryyBeats. But for now, we’re still pushing Conflict Of Interest. I’m hoping to release some visuals for the project real soon. Keep watch!”

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