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Santé Rose Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Santé Rose Unleashes “Desire”

Understanding Santé Rose

In an ever evolving music scene, genre-bending artists are often a rarity. However, since groundbreaking musicians like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Tyler, The Creator have blossomed by blending their styles together, young artists around the world spend time sharpening their skills and innovating their creative procedures with careful consideration.

Santé Rose Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

With emotionally complex themes that border on easy listening escapism, Santé Rose is one of those artists that just have that IT factor. Born in Nigeria, raised in Kenya, shortly after then Tunisia, and now eventually residing in Canada, the young singer specializes in his own Neo-Soul styled cadence and sound. Drawing inspirations from the likes of Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Bob Marley, and many more, his musical journey beginning by producing music in his teenage years as a way to circumvent the Tunisian government’s censorship of music-sharing websites during the early days of the Arab Spring. He routinely created beats for his brothers and friends to rap over, and share amongst their circle of third-culture kids.

Santé connects to his listeners by exploring often untapped life experiences alongside lush and intricate production. And now the Toronto-based rising alt-R&B artist is ready to release a slice of his provocative sound and feelings in his new single “Desire.”

Diving Into Desire

Filled with themes of passion and sensuality, and featuring extremely high quality production, “Desire” has Santé envelop the track with smooth and intimate vocals. Expertly written by Santé and Toronto-based singer/songwriter Kish Davidson, and produced by Santé himself and Losh (JUNO-nominated Producer, worked with TOBi, Adria Kain, etc). “Desire” leaves a significant mark on the young singer’s discography.

The track has Santé describing delicate moments between individuals and the intense feelings that erupt in these scenarios. Exploring his emotions within the track comes as an easy task for the young artist, further stating that “Desire is a song about love and lust, telling the story about how they often work side by side.”

Santé Rose Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Santé followed up saying that, “It’s emotion-filled and ethereal to me. It reflects the complexities of love and reassurance between two people. I explored vulnerability and tenderness, trying to offer moments of comfort and understanding when it’s most needed during tumultuous times.” On top of the vulnerable themes displayed within the song’s lyrics, Santé also aims to have his audience engage with their own sensitive side within relationships and tribulations they bring.

The Rise Of Santé Rose

Depicting a raw, emotional side of himself, Santé Rose manages to draw in new listeners from all sorts of backgrounds due to his pure authenticity and creative sounds. Although he has only three singles released in his music career so far, the young artist has accumulated over 50,000 streams collectively on Spotify alone, certainly gathering attention from friends and fans alike about what his next step may be.

Santé Rose Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Till the young singer’s forthcoming EP drops sometime in 2023, we urge you to listen to his new single “Desire“, or check out Santé Rose on all major music streaming platforms now. Like this article also? Check out some more Canadian music through the link below, or scroll down to read about some new 10at10 entertainment!