Sevan Mattar
Finding Smiles In Yesterday By Sevan Mattar

Sevan Mattar: “F.S.I.Y” Album Review

The Sevan Mattar Story

Sevan Mattar is not your average hip-hop artist. The 24-year old rapper based out of Calgary, Canada prides himself in bringing sinister wordplay and articulate flow. He began his career by learning how to write from an experienced friend who became his mentor while living in the middle east. He then approached recording music at the age of 12 under the stage name SEVEN. Evolving from smaller venues to larger stages and eventually as the headlining local act at a major music festival, he decided to change his stage name to his real name: Sevan Mattar.

Sevan Mattar
Photo Courtesy Of Sevan Mattar

Showcasing his talents is no new task to Sevan, as the young Palestinian/Canadian artist dedicates himself on detailing his emotional woes, mental health struggles and passionate views on life throughout his music. Whilst keeping all the witty bars, gritty instrumentals and enticing melodies in tow.

Now in 2021, Sevan has begun his ascent into new beginnings with his debut album “Finding Smiles In Yesterday” (F.S.I.Y). A nine-track project discussing feats of strength, downfall and humility. 

The Tracklist

Immediately the intro track “SEVAN” sets a moody, darkened, yet powerful tone. Having Sevan detail his journey and discovery through music while discussing his inner feelings of success and sorrow.

Up next is “GREATEST” which was Sevan’s third single off of his album. Having the rapper give off a more boisterous, quick-witted approach with a special blend of guitar and synthesizers that draw you in from the beginning of the song.

The third track is “VALET” which was the lead single from the project. Debuting to countless praise from his peers and fans alike. It has the artist kickback with effortless flow while letting everybody know his revenue status is not only on the way up but his self worth is as well.

The next song changes the atmosphere entirely with “DRONES“,which has Sevan singing and rapping throughout. Covering subjects of relationships, vulnerability and longevity within his life. With a stellar hook and melodies that will be stuck in your head long after your play through.


Photo Courtesy Of Sevan Mattar

Tracklist Continued

What follows is the tranquilizing yet passionate delivery of “ABE’S LETTER” , an interlude within the album that is sure to have you listening extensively. Having Sevan unload raw thoughts and feelings in a rapid, emotional succession while drums and piano encase the production satisfyingly.

Next is the sixth track “FOR MY BIRDS” which stands out as a strong-toned, assertive listen compared to the rest of the album. It’s aggressive bass draws you in while Sevan’s more grimey, bold cadence serves as a welcomed addition.

The seventh track off the album “ON A TRIP” provides a completely different euphoria from the rest of the project. Showing Sevan rap over a more lively, dynamic instrumental bringing a soulful twist to his energetic, punctual flow.

The eighth track “REAL GOOD” serves as the second single off of his album. Which has him discuss multiple outlooks on his life, reminiscing on memories and events that made him into who he is currently. Showcasing a more intimate side yet mellow style for the young rapper.

The final track “MATTAR” alludes to the intro as both tracks come together to say his name “Sevan Mattar.” Wrapping up the project with a barrage of inner monologues. With a calm etiquette to follow that’ll have you feeling like you are truly listening to a story from start to finish. 

Sevan’s Journey

Sevan states that “The concept for the album was always a dream of mine. I knew I wanted the first album to be my story. I knew that a lot of people would relate too it just by being that honest and open.”

Sevan Mattar
Photo Courtesy Of Sevan Mattar

The young artist even revealed that one of his biggest obstacles creating the album was handling his mental health. Saying “Addiction, depression and anxiety were all things I had weighing on my shoulders since I was a kid. Trying to do an album that meant so much to me that had a one in a million shot of even getting really properly heard. Possibly not making money, it just really weighed heavy.” Yet with courage in his heart, Sevan worked tirelessly to deliver fans a plethora of hits.

With more visuals in the works for his album, Sevan Mattar continues to grow and defy odds as an upcoming rapper. Debuting a project with outstanding production, in depth story-telling and skillful rapping included. If you haven’t already, check out “Finding Smiles In Yesterday” available on all major streaming platforms now.