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YemeKnight Opens Up In “L.O.A.R”

Understanding YemeKnight

Originally from Yemen, then moving to Atlanta, Georgia when he was 15 and discovering his love for hip-hop, rapper YemeKnight now resides in Calgary, Canada. And with his diverse background at the forefront, he brings thought-provoking themes and his personal stories to life in his newest single, “Life Of A Refugee“.

YemeKnight Pictured Above posing with a hand on his chin and one knee on a platform
YemeKnight Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Described as a Yemeni hip-hop artist, YemeKnight strives towards putting the landscape of Yemen hip-hop music on display. With himself demonstrating classic rap styles comparable to the likes of Q-Tip and Kanye West, YemeKnight aims to stand out as the first internationally known Yemeni hip-hop artist and break down barriers for 0ther musicians wanting to emerge from Yemen and create music themselves.

When speaking upon the creation of “L.O.A.R“, YemeKnight went in-depth with the process it took to bring the song to life. Elaborating that, “Growing up in Yemen I thought everything I was witnessing and going through was normal, until I left Yemen as a teenager to attend high school in the U.S. as part of an exchange program.”

“When I saw the freedoms they enjoyed, I knew there was something wrong with the way I was living in Yemen and that the circumstances weren’t normal. From that point I made it a mission of mine to use my music to describe my environment and tell my story in English, so everyone around the world can get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a Third World, war torn country. I want to be the voice of my people that inspired the words of L.O.A.R.”

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YemeKnight Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023


Crafting The Track

Explaining how the song was written in multiple stages, YemeKnight revealed that, “This song was created in phases; I wrote the first verse when I was frustrated at my corrupt government and having to see the atrocities they committed on their citizens, especially after the 2011 revolution which resulted in a ruthless militia taking over and has been ruling the country with an iron fist ever since. “

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YemeKnight Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

I wrote the second verse weeks later to explain my own upbringing, and things I witnessed growing up in Yemen. I wanted to paint a picture of how hard it is to enjoy things people take for granted. And the third verse to portray the many obstacles I faced when I tried to travel to different countries with my refugee status, and them not letting me in or make my trip difficult for me.”

Life Of A Refugee” depicts a certain perspective on life from YemeKnight. Having him reminisce living under tyrannical rule and strict boundaries during his youth and how it helped evolve his mindset growing up. Throughout the track the rapper informs his listeners on the harsh realities he endured to get to where he is today.


Spreading His Message

With heaps of emotion poured into “L.O.A.R“, YemeKnight displays his personal and powerful values to the audience. Additionally, covering moments of resilience through extreme tough life situations. The rapper specifically says the song was dedicated to two separate audiences. Going on to explain that “I want to reach those who aren’t living in a Third World country, that haven’t witnessed war and dictatorship, to take them on a journey to that side of the world. So they can have an understanding and be able to appreciate and empathize with immigrants in general but refugees specifically.”

“Secondly, I want to send a message to those living in Third World countries and have been going through these tough situations, that they have to believe in their dreams. Find a way to get out of that situation and find some place safer that can offer them an opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

With noble intent, a rich cultural background and an enthusiasm for rap, YemeKnight truly expresses himself to the fullest degree in his latest track. So if you haven’t already, check out “Life Of A Refugee” out on all major music platforms now! Liked this article? Keep scrolling down to check out the latest and greatest from 10at10! Or click the link here to see more!