On “Fly High”, Dizzy Walka pays tribute to his best friend

Dizzy Walka’s latest project starts off slow and somber.

And then, all of a sudden, it hits you.

The four- track EP Fly High is an emotional tribute that will pull on heartstrings. Throughout the EP, he uses his voice to try and make sense of the emotions he’s been feeling for more than a year.

On Sept. 11, 2020, Walka lost his father, someone he called his tightest friend.

During the EP’s namesake single “Fly High”, Walka raps about his inability to sleep, and the hardships he’s been going through since then, over a hard beat.

Walka has been using his voice and the valuable lessons he learned from his father to get by.

But it hasn’t been easy.

“I still haven’t accepted what happened, nor have I learned to live with it and words cannot fully explain the pain, anger and emptiness I feel deep within,” he said.

The song itself is a step away from Walka’s typical sound.

“It is not the usual drop and sound most of you are now accustomed to, but it is my work of art,” he said. “I have tried to use my musical voice to try to explain what and how it is I feel.”

The pain in his voice, coupled with the lyrics and the music, tell a story of grief and hardship. But there’s a sense of positivity about it, Walka explains.

“I easily could’ve been self-destructive following my father’s passing, but I chose to continue making him proud by maturing as a person,” he said. “And remembering the lessons he taught me as I navigate through life.”

Listen to Walka’s tribute EP on all platforms now.

Dizzy Walka performing during the 10at10 Block Party in August (Omar Sherif / 10at10)

Artist’s note:

“The pandemic has been dreadful for many, and I know there’s many people who have lost loved ones or know people that have lost someone. There aren’t many people who have the God-given gift I have and voice to speak on how they feel, but I do. This project is the voice for those that can’t speak. This project is dedicated to all the fallen soldiers, (especially you Dad). They all fought a great fight! May your soul continue to rest in peace, and your name and energy continue to “Fly High”.”

Yours truly,
Dineo Tatenda Chimanyi (aka Dizzy Walka)