Billy Bishop in the middle of a performance in a venue with lights all around him

Billy Bishop Brings “Man Like Me” To Life

From the T.R.a.P.

Congolese-born Calgary-raised artist Billy Bishop recently released an animated visual to his hit song “Man Like Me“. Make no mistake, this single is a sure way to get the energy flowing.

Debuting on his 2019 T.R.a.P. (True Rhythm and Poetry) E.P., “Man Like Me” includes productions from Scarborough native Yanchan. The song was also featured on the Super Producers Beatclub Program, gaining a reaction from Timbaland himself being the founder of Beatclub. Beatclub is one of the premier global marketplaces for up-and-coming artists to connect with industry specialists.

PHOTO Courtesy of @brandynnleigh

Man Like Me” keeps a smooth dancehall feel, while adding a diverse melodic tone throughout. The piano, synthesizer and drums effortlessly blend together creating a euphoric, beach-filled tune that is sure to have everyone on their feet. Animated by YouTube animator Agbaps, the video showcases Billy’s character in various colourful set pieces with eye-catching transitions. 

Billy Bishop Takes on Some Questions

What’s the inspiration and the meaning behind “Man Like Me”?

The sonic inspiration behind “Man Like Me” was to definitely step outside the box of hip-hop and connect more with my African heritage. The meaning behind the song is to remind people that the opportunity to find love is like fishing in a lake. You’ll never know how much you truly need someone until somebody else actually wants them.

What was the creation process like? And what sort of experience did you want your listener to ultimately feel?

I recorded the song at the AMAG/Cash Money studio in Kitchener, Ontario. And learned quickly to adapt to an industry standard of the studio session. I never realized the power songwriting has. Until, during the process, I actually ended up having multiple writers and producers coming together.  Creating it and developing a pure body of work that people could really relate to. Moreover, the main feeling I really wanted to spread to listeners was that of humility

Watch the video for “Man Like Me” below, or stream it through his latest T.R.a.P. (True Rhythm and Poetry) project on Spotify or Apple Music now.