Neela Opens Up In “You’ll Never Know”

The Emergence Of Neela

In the realm of R&B, where vulnerability and raw emotions collide with soulful melodies, Indian-Canadian singer-songwriter Neela has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. With her latest single, “You’ll Never Know“, Neela delves into the profound topic of domestic violence. Exploring the trauma and liberation that can accompany the process of healing. Through her powerful lyrics and soul-stirring voice, Neela encapsulates the pain of abuse and the hidden scars that often go unnoticed.

Neela Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Hailing from the vibrant arts communities of Vancouver and Toronto, Neela is a multi-talented artist. Besides excelling in music she additionally pursued acting and dance. Her artistic prowess shines through in her heartfelt compositions, where she bares the many shades of her soul, merging her captivating voice with luscious alternative-R&B musicality. Neela’s songs explore the intricate tapestry of human emotions, delving into the complexities of desire and the depths of the human experience.

Diving Into The Track

The music video for “You’ll Never Know” amplifies the song’s poignant message and was shot in India. Showcasing visually stunning cinematography and emotionally charged narrative resonating with audiences worldwide. The impact has undoubtedly not gone unnoticed however, as the track has been featured in prominent publications such as Rolling Stone India and The Guardian.

Elaborating on the track, Neela describes the raw feelings that have been brought forward through its message. Conveying themes of resentment, resilience, and concluding with acceptance. , Neela stated that, “In expressing these complexities, I released myself of the past and made peace. Violence against women is prevalent and heart-wrenching, I have witnessed and felt this in my personal life and globally. 4.7 million women report sexual assault at least once in their lifetime. 1 in 3 women have reported physical violence by an intimate partner. This song is an embrace to my younger self and a reassurance to anyone who resonates that you are not alone. I’ve taken back my power as a queer woman of colour and an artist.”

What’s next for Neela?

With each release, Neela pushes the boundaries of her artistry. Fearlessly addressing sensitive subjects and inviting listeners into her journey of healing and self-discovery. Through her music, she aims to inspire others, invoke emotions, and help people find their strength. Neela’s unique ability to infuse vulnerability and strength into her work makes her a rising star in the R&B landscape. Capturing the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

Neela Pictured Above. 10AT10 | 2023

Continuing to captivate audiences with her magnetic performances and powerful storytelling, there is no doubt that Neela is an artist who will leave an indelible mark on the music industry. With unwavering dedication to her craft and commitment to sharing authentic narratives, Neela is indeed poised to become a trailblazer in the realm of R&B and an advocate for healing through the power of music.

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