Rapper TDott wants love without “Wahala”

Toronto-born Edmonton-raised hip-hop artist Tomiwa “TDott” Rabiu comes through with a delicate sound of an island party vibe with cheeky summertime lyrics. “Wahala” is something to flex to. 

Wahala” was written by TDott himself, while the track was produced by Edmonton producer DCQ Beatz.

“You make me feel like singing / But usually I rap,” he goes on in his song. 

Though he makes it clear, “He doesn’t want trouble,” translating into the title of the song meaning he doesn’t want “Wahala.”

PHOTO Courtesy of TDott

TDott then sings of all the things he can do for a woman he’s courting. First, expressing how beautiful she was.

Next, with how different she made him feel. Then asking, “Aren’t you tired of being on your own?”

Finally, reiterating despite being on a mission to win the girl’s heart, he still doesn’t want “Wahala.”

TDott hit the music sense back in 2017. While “Wahala” is catchy and fun, this busy creative has since gone on to make other tracks including “All Eyez On Me“, “Distant Memory” and “N2S“.

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