Rob Roy ‘Don’t Touch That Phone’ Freestyle produced by Marco Polo

Rob Roy digs into his bag and gets busy for his latest Freestyle, “Don’t Touch That Phone” produced by Marco Polo. Premiering exclusively on YouTube on August 5th, this rapper from Calgary (by way of Scarborough) methodically freestyles in “Don’t touch my phone”. Coming in with crafty cuts is also once again Shy the beat Yoda. Capturing the visuals is videographer and rapper Da Kid T. 

I’m going for that gusto to finish what I started – Rob Roy

A Little Background

Polo is an esteemed Toronto born, New York-based producer. He’s known in the industry for being rooted in the true understanding of the rhythmic and beat patterns constructed in making hip-hop. Dabbling in sounds from the 90s till now, Polo has created sounds for notable artists such as Talib Kweli, Masta Ace, Rakim and Scarface. The specific beat used here is Polo’s from MP on the MP: The Beat Tape Vol. 1

This isn’t the first time that this team of creatives has banded together to complete a well-produced project. While Polo has been the talented beatsmith behind Roy’s last three singles, all collaborators contributed to his last track “Staircase”. 

From the experienced sound to the thought-provoking lyrics to the cinematic visuals — each accomplished artist brings their expertise in the making of “Don’t Touch that Phone”. 

Tragedy into Triumph

Tragically, Roy suffered the loss of his uncle Jojo Bennett prior to the video’s premiere. Bennett was a Canadian reggae artist from the group The Sattalites. The Sattalites took heights within their career, distinguishing themselves as leaders amongst the Canadian Reggae music scene. Roy credits Bennett as his mentor, as well as a musical inspiration of his. According to Roy, Bennett would have wanted him “to share [the freestyle) with the world”. And so he did — all in great dedication to his uncle. 

Thereafter, his freestyle gained even greater meaning, as he rhymes on the track, “The dearly, departed / Y’all know where my heart is / I’m going for that gusto to finish what I started.”

Peep Rob Roy on the “Don’t Touch that Phone” freestyle, here: