Victory poses for shot with Chelsea Dawn
(Photo Courtesy: Chelsea Dawn Photography)

Single Alert: Real By Victory ft. B.Rob

“Gotta keep it real.”

Victory gives us another banger with her latest song “Real” featuring Toronto rapper B. Rob.

Released on Aug. 20, this Calgary-born R&B artist sings over a melodic sound infused with trap drums, giving us a precise record to listen to in the autumn months. 

Victory’s manager Remi Harris describes “Real as a record that “expresses one’s feelings towards their partner.”

“It represents being authentic and honest with yourself. Real” is also about asking said partner to be real with themselves about the feelings they have towards you.”

“It allows the listener to see a relationship from both the male and female perspective.”

PHOTO Courtesy of B. Rob

The male perspective in “Real is given by B. Rob. B. Rob follows the Canadian rap mosaic by enlightening us through melodic rap. The sub-genre popularized by Drake swirls with the beat as it gives us a sound to vibe to.

Do yourself a favour and listen to “Real” now.