SPACESHIP marks new opportunities for Calgary artist Kayam

Local hip-hop artist Kayam is taking things even higher with his latest release “SPACESHIP”.

In epic form, this Calgary-based musician will release both the single and the music video today on July 9, with the music video premiering later at 8 p.m. tonight. 

The song communicates feelings of struggle through an infectious, emotionally charged chorus and fiery, passionate verses.

It’s Something Kayam called an experiment gone well.

(Photo Courtesy of Kayam)

“I was in a position where I wanted to be really honest on a song,” he said.

“I wanted to try something new. I had done something similar before, but nothing like the style that I did with ‘SPACESHIP’.”

The song reflects a mindset and attitude that people, including Kayam, have recently gone through with the pandemic and lockdown.

Lyrics like “I got my back against the wall/ I’ve got emotions running wild,” portray the message and meaning of the track while also reflecting a major theme of the song—running.

A Dual meaning

Throughout the music video, Kayam is depicted as a criminal on the run from the law, something he says has a dual meaning.

It’s an action film-style production directed by MyNameFrench, who has worked with artists including Roy Wood$ and The Kid Laroi.

(Photo Courtesy of Kayam)

“I’m sort of on the run from the police, the whole music video,” said Kayam. “But I’m also on the run from like the memory of this girl.”

The video continues from his last success, “BONITA” where at the end of it, he was beaten up and left scarred.

BONITA,” was pushed and promoted heavily through Tik Tok, due to the pandemic. Kayam had lined up its release to perform it while opening for rapper Lil Tjay, but COVID restrictions halted his plans.

Now, he has an opportunity to relive his plans.

(Photo Courtesy Kayam)

Elevated promotion

On Thursday, July 15, Kayam will be opening for OVO Sound artist Roy Wood$ at The Palace Theatre.

“It’s super exciting, but a little nerve-wracking,” he said.

“I’m going to do everything on my end to make sure the song is perceived as best as it can be.”

With the release of “SPACESHIP”, more music videos planned, and a new song dropping in August, the opportunities are on the up for the Calgary-based artist.

While you can steam “SPACESHIP”on all major platforms including Apple Music and Spotify, look out for the music video dropping later tonight.